Drawing Us Together
Live, Learn and Fall in Love with the Flora of North Mountain

A selection of works from the permanent botanical art exhibit at the
North Mountain Visitor Center, Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
A complete listing of works in the exhibit is here.


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pen and ink drawing of barrel cactus
pen and ink drawing of echinocereus

Left: Ferocactus cylindraceus, © 2008 Sandra Turico
Right: Echinocereus engelmanii, © 2011 Karen Gengle

Pen and ink drawing of Mexican palo verde
pen and ink drawing of mesquite trees

Left: Parkinsonia aculeata, © 2018 Susan Ashton
Right: Prosopis velutina and Prosopis pubescens | © 2001 Wendy Hodgson

Pen and ink drawing of the saguaro

Cereus giganteus | © Wendy Hodgson


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watercolor painting of velvet mesquite
watercolor painting of triangle-leaf bursage

Left: Prosopis velutina, © 2009 Marsha Bennett
Right: Ambrosia deltoidea, © 2011 Marsha Bennett

pen-and-ink drawing of Parry's false prairie-clover
pen-and-ink drawing of beavertail prickly pear

Left: Marina parryi, © 2012 Susan Ashton
Right: Opuntia basilaris var. basilaris, © 2010 Daniela Siroky

watercolor painting of ocotillo
watercolor painting of wild tobacco

Left: Fouquieria splendens, © 2010 Gillian Rice
Right: Nicotiana obtusifolia, © 2013 Joyce Peters

Watercolor of blue dicks

Dichelostemma capitatum | © 2012 Joyce Peters


watercolor painting of Mohave thistle and monarch butterfly
watercolor painting of butterfly weed

Left: Mohave thistle (Cirsium mohavense) and Monarch Butterfly | © Joyce Peters
Right: Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) | © 2011 Joyce Peters

watercolor painting of Bidens aureus and painted lady butterfly
watercolor painting of evening primrose with sphinx moth

Left: Apache Beggarticks (Bidens aurea) and Painted Lady Butterfly | © 2014 Joyce Peters
Right: Evening Primrose (Oenothera deltoides) with White-lined Sphinx Moth | © 2010 Joyce Peters

Scratchboard painting of saguaro with lesser long-nosed bats
scratchboard painting of sacred datura with sphinx moth

Left: Saguaro and Lesser Long-nosed Bat| © 2014 Joyce Peters
Right: Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii) and White-lined Sphinx Moth | © Joyce Peters

Watercolor painting of fairy duster with marine blue butterfly
Watercolor painting of Arizona Foldwing with Texas Crescent Butterfly

Left: Pink Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla) and Marine Blue Butterfly| © 2010 Joyce Peters
Right: Arizona Foldwing (Dicliptera resupinata) and Texas Crescent Butterfly | © Joyce Peters

Watercolor painting of saguaro flowers with bees and cactus wren
Watercolor painting of Ironwood with Digger Bee

Left: Saguaro with Bees and Cactus Wren| © 2014 Joyce Peters
Right: Ironwood (Olneya tesota) and Digger Bee| © 2013 Joyce Peters