The unique scope of the Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program is to encourage and focus a multiplicity of efforts toward the promotion of traditional and contemporary botanical illustration. It is the premier effort of its kind designed to create, collect, exhibit, and store botanical images for research, education, documentation, and aesthetic appreciation.

Recognizing the significant value of many disciplines working together, ours is a community-wide approach. It encourages artists, educators, and scientists in their efforts to display botanical art so that the general public may have the opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic values and scientific need for this florilegium program as an aid to conserve and protect our Sonoran Desert flora.

The Florilegium Program envisions the creation of a collection of botanical art of the Sonoran Desert Region. To accomplish our goals we will:

We look to the future and hope that through the combined efforts of dedicated individuals and institutions, the Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program will prove to be a significant catalyst to the conservation and protection of our flora in all its complexity for generations to come.