Submitting Artwork to the Florilegium

A printable PDF of this Call for Entries can be found here.

Selection of Plants

Artists may draw any plant native to the Sonoran Desert Region.

A map and information about the Sonoran Desert Region can be found here.

A printable list of some notable plants of the Sonoran Desert is here. For a more comprehensive inventory of plants native to the Sonoran Desert, we have compiled a listing of relevant web resources that can be found here.

Artwork Specifications

Submissions must be two-dimensional works of botanical art. Photography and digitally-created works will not be considered. Both black-and-white and color media can be used.

The purpose of the Florilegium is to document plants native to the Sonoran Desert Region. We encourage artists to create a traditional botanical plate with habit, enlargements of the reproductive structures, and any interesting or unusual structures. However, any accurate portrayal of a native Sonoran Desert plant is acceptable. Artwork with mutualistic or important insects such as pollinators, galls, and other animals may also be acceptable. Complicated backgrounds and designs are discouraged.

Works must adhere to a high standard of botanical accuracy, and we recommend that they be verified for accuracy by a botanist before submittal. Two botanists who may be consulted are Wendy Hodgson (Phoenix) and Matt Johnson (Tucson).

We suggest that the following information be included on the front of the artwork, shown in this order: ©, date, and the artist’s signature (ex: © 2014 Chris Bondante). Prominent signatures and labeling are discouraged.

Because this is a digital exhibit without space constraints, artwork can be of any size. As a guideline, a traditional presentation of botanical art is approximately 16” x 20”.

Image Submittal Guidelines

The online presentation of the Sonoran Desert Florilegium endeavors to provide the best possible representation of artists’ work while also providing an enjoyable experience with minimal download times for the site’s visitors.

The following guidelines will ensure that we are able to provide a quality digital presentation:

Once placed on the Florilegium’s website, the artwork will be noted as copyrighted by the artist, and all reasonable efforts will be made to discourage unauthorized use of the artwork. However, once the artist agrees to exhibit the work on the website, the Florilegium is not responsible for any copyright infringement by others that may occur as a result of the artwork appearing on its website.

Submittal Instructions

To submit artwork for acceptance into the Sonoran Desert Florilegium:

The Jury Process

All submissions will be reviewed for quality and botanical accuracy by a panel consisting of a botanical artist, a botanist, and an artist. Completed work will be accepted for consideration from July 1-31 and January 1-31 every year.

Once the artwork is accepted into the Florilegium, we request that the artist provide biographical information and one or two paragraphs of information about the plant shown in the artwork. This information can be found in scientific publications or field guides, such as those cited here. Sources used by the artist for reference should be cited. This information is to be emailed to Margaret Pope

Artists whose work is accepted into the Florilegium will be required to complete a written contract defining the terms of ownership, copyright, and accepted usage of the original artwork. The Artist’s Release Form can be found here. Completed contracts should be mailed to: The Sonoran Desert Florilegium, 11739 N. Mandarin Lane, Oro Valley, AZ 85737.