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Barbara Vucich

I grew up on a farm in southwestern Michigan and was surrounded by nature. At one time my father was a bulb grower and had fields of tulips and gladiola with each color lined up in its own section. It was only after college and living in large urban areas (Chicago, Denver, and Seattle) that I came to appreciate how important being connected to nature was to my state of mind.

When I retired I wanted a learning experience that was completely out of my comfort zone. Botanical illustration classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens seemed like a good fit. After the first class I was completely hooked. One of the required techniques classes is Pen and Ink. I thought that I would dislike the medium but found that I enjoyed the purity of line and the technical nature of the medium. Nissolia schottii was done as a class project working fom herbarium samples, some dating back to the late 1940s.

I earned my Foundational Certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration in 2014 and continue to draw for my own pleasure.

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