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Sandra Turico

Sandra grew up in Illinois, enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age and took various art classes throughout her school years. She also spent a number of years pursuing an interest in calligraphy and stained glass.

After moving to Arizona 20 years ago she became intrigued by the unique plant life in our beautiful state, so different from what she had observed in the Midwest. Her love of art and fascination with desert plants inspired her to study Botanical Art and Illustration at the Desert Botanical Garden. Through her studies and illustration work she has come to appreciate the importance of botanical research. Sandra has had the privilege of working on the Grand Canyon Rare and Special Plants project and the Intermountain Flora project. She is currently involved in illustrating New World Ephedra and also working with the University of Arizona's Desert Legume Program. By illustrating native Arizona plant life she hopes to encourage others to protect and preserve our extraordinary desert environment.

Sandra also works as Director of Admissions for an online graduate school. She resides in Chandler with her husband and enjoys spending time with her 4 children and their families.

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Echinomastus johnsoni

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