The Sonoran Desert Florilegium

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Aeschynomene villosa
Hairy jointvetch
© 2012 Susan E. Ashton
Pen and ink

Plate Descriptions

1.     Habit
2.     Flower
3.     Flower partially cut-away
        showing position of stamens
        and developing seed pod
4.     Banner
5.     Wing
6.     Keel
7.     Stamens
8.     Anther detail
9.     Fully developed seed pod
10.   Detail of pod showing glands
11.   Seed
12.   Roots showing nitrogen-fixing
13.   Detail of lower stem
        showing lack of glands
14.   Detail of upper stem
        showing glands
15.   Detail of flower stalk
        showing glands
16.   Detail of leaf showing alternate
        attachment of leaflets and
        placement of glands
17.   Leaflet back showing veins
18.   Leaflet front