The Sonoran Desert Florilegium

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Vicia ludoviciana
Louisiana vetch
© 2017 Margaret Pope
Pen and ink

Plate Descriptions

1.    Habit - flowering branch
2.    Leaflet detail:
        (a) underside
        (b) topside
3.    Compound leaf detail:
        (a) leaflets
        (b) branched tendril
        (b) leaf point of attachment
4.    Seed pod, side and top views
5.    Seed pod, releasing seeds
6.    Flower - front view
7.    Corolla petals:
        (a) banner
        (b) wing
        (c) keel
8.    Flower - longitudinal section
9.    Stamens
10.   Pistil
        (a) longitudinal view
        (b) longitudinal section
11.   Fused sepals