The Sonoran Desert Florilegium

plants of the florilegium

Hibiscus coulteri with Ipomoea cristulata
Desert rose mallow and Scarlet creeper


FAMILY:  Convolvulaceae — Morning-glory family

OTHER COMMON NAMES:  Transpecos morning-glory

ETYMOLOGY:  The name of the genus Ipomoea derives from two Greek words, ips, meaning "worm", and homoios, meaning 'like'. The vines in the morning-glory family have a twining, crawling habit that could be described as worm-like.

The species name, cristata, is a Latin word for something with small crests, which in this case describes the pointed appearance of the sepals.

DESCRIPTION:  The flower of the scarlet creeper is an ideal hummingbird flower with its trumpet shape and scarlet color. The 1" long flower blooms from May to October along smooth slender greenish-yellow stems among dark green heart-shaped leaves.

The scarlet creeper is found in canyons and woodlands, on hillsides, and along streams at elevations from 2,500-6,000'.