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Each cactus illustration in this section is being used for two projects, Arizona Cactaceae and Intermountain Flora. The illustrations were prepared by 9 illustrators, graduates of the former Desert Botanical Garden Art and Illustration Program in Phoenix, Arizona.

arizona cactaceae

It has been nearly 40 years since the last edition of Lyman Benson’s The Cacti of Arizona was published. Arizona Cactaceae will be an updated treatment of this fascinating family that plays so prominent a role in the Arizona landscape and the lives of its peoples. Authors are several research staff of the Desert Botanical Gardens and scientists outside the garden, including cactus guru, Dr. Donald Pinkava. Using the most up-to-date information available, the text will be exhaustive and include keys, descriptions of all taxa including hybrids, and information on types, ethnobotany, paleohistory, physiology, and evolution.

intermountain flora

The Intermountain Flora project is the preeminent botanical initiative documenting plant diversity between the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains. It is the leading reference for preservation of natural resources and wilderness areas in this biologically important region of the American West, a region of high plant diversity, endemism, and endangerment.